Feb 19, 2021

Will Axiom Space IPO? Why Investors Want Axiom Stock


By Amber Deter

Originally posted February 19, 2021

Will investors see Axiom Space stock? Unfortunately, there are no plans for an Axiom IPO right now. But some analysts think the company might go public in the next couple years.

So, will Axiom go public? Here’s what we know…

Axiom Space IPO: The Business


President, CEO and former NASA program manager Michael Suffredini co-founded Axiom Space with Executive Chairman Kam Ghaffarian in 2016. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Axiom is an American aerospace manufacturer and orbital spaceflight services company. Like SpaceX and Blue Origins, Axiom aims to democratize space, making it accessible to everyone in the future.

Axiom’s big project is a commercial space station. The International Space Station (ISS) is set to retire in 2028, 30 years after it was launched. Axiom is working to build its own segment that will detach from ISS when NASA retires it. Until then, Axiom offers access to the ISS with full-service crewed missions for professional and private astronauts.

According to Axiom, both Bank of America and Morgan Stanley estimate the space economy will be worth more than $1 trillion in the next couple decades. And as the space race heats up, investors are looking for opportunities everywhere. Could an Axiom Space IPO be one of those opportunities?

Reasons for Axiom Space Stock

There are a few reason investors are looking for Axiom stock. To start, the company is tackling a part of the space niche no one else is: the destination. While SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and others are focused on spacecraft and space tourism, Axiom is looking to go beyond that. Its commercial space station will be used by companies across multiple industries for research, services and more.



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