Feb 24, 2021

The Space-Based Solar Arrays That Could Power Our Planet



When conventional solar power arrays receive energy from the sun, there are countless others on the other side of the planet that can't. This is one of several limitations that space-based solar power purports to solve, and interest is growing as proposals mount from military, private, and public entities.

On Tuesday, Redwire acquired Deployable Space Systems (DSS), a leading supplier of deployable solar arrays, structures, and mechanisms capable of enabling space missions, according to a press release shared on the company's website .

The space-based solar arrays that could power our planet

Space-based solar power (SBSP) is approaching a critical threshold as a practical means of transitioning the world to green energy sources.

One way of collecting energy from space involves using colossal mirror-like solar reflectors hoisted onto orbital satellites -- to concentrate solar energy from the sun onto solar panels. This energy would then transform the energy into electromagnetic radiation, and beam it back to Earth via laser or microwave.


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