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The space industry is experiencing a renaissance, led by private companies who have pushed the boundaries and continue innovating at a rapid pace. We are smack in the middle of a critical turning point: the NewSpace revolution needs public interest, increased investment, improved government policy, and widespread collaboration to propel forward and reach its full potential. 

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Space is, in fact, a culmination of many disciplines, and it works in tandem with various industries. The sector’s growth depends on merging different fields with cutting-edge technologies, fantastical ideas with logical applications. From Hollywood to navigation, communications devices to streaming services, medical discoveries to robotics, agriculture to energy, all of these industries affect space and are affected by space—much like bees pollinating flowers. It is also the sector with the most unlimited potential for progress and collaboration. When space advances, other industries benefit. When other industries advance, space benefits as well—innovations and progress multiply.

Space is one of the best grounds humanity has to prove that interdisciplinary work and collaboration can yield exceedingly positive results for human knowledge and wisdom, economic and technological progress, and even cultural advancement—all contributing to our evolution.


Moving into space will require different infrastructures and knowledge to maintain our survival. With contemporary methodologies and best practices, entrepreneurs can more quickly test ideas in the marketplace and iterate ideas which, when adequately vetted, evolve into successful products. How do you put a value on a potential cure for a disease derived from medical research in space, or the creation of platforms which enable human settlement off-Earth? Space, in this sense, is the unlimited business plan. Space can transform the world in ways not possible by the bounds of terrestrial business endeavors. If you can dream it, it may be possible in this space-future.


Space is not just a destination; it is a domain, an ecosystem, and an enabler. Its impact is nothing if not universal. The profound energy that comes from interacting with space, even in intimate moments of introspection, can transform the way we think and feel about the world and ourselves. When we dream of improving our lives on Earth, the answers tend to derive from the great mysteries that the universe above us contains. At night, we look up into the stars and are filled with a sense of wonder, possibility, curiosity, and vitality. It’s no surprise that we find endless ways to incorporate space into our daily lives, or why interactions with space tend to leave such lasting impressions. We want to explore; we want to understand—we want to believe.

Space Is Open For Business to be released in Summer 2020.

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