May 23, 2021

Robert's Appearance on the Leadership and Loyalty podcast


Get ready for my guest appearance at the Leadership and Loyalty Podcast. I had a wonderful conversation with Dov Baron, The Dragonist, on topics like How to become an Astropreneur and more...


Breaking the Myths of the Trillion Dollars Space Economy:


Part 1

  • A Contrarian Guide to Leadership
  • Space as a Concept, a Destination and Economy
  • How Amazon are Backing YOU becoming an Astro-preneur

Part 2

  • It Starts with a Zero Gravity Kitchen
  • Big Pharma Using Space to Save Millions of Lives
  • Breaking the Myths of the Trillion Dollar Space Economy
  • Forget Bringing Manufacturing Back to the US, Let's Do It in Space
  • Which of The Mainstream Brands That Already Poised for the Space Economy
  • The Massive Investment Returns on Space Travel

Show host:



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