Aug 8, 2021

SpaceX acquires IOT satellite company Swarm Technologies - Space Explored



According to forms filed with the FCC, SpaceX has acquired Swarm technologies. Swarm uses their pico-satellites to provide low-cost data plans for internet of things devices, so the acquisition by SpaceX could be beneficial for both SpaceX and Swarm customers.

Swarm Technologies

Swarm Technologies was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sara Spangelo and has 121 satellites in orbit. The small satellites have launched on a number of different rockets, including Falcon 9 rideshare missions , Electron, Vega, and PSLV. On their product page , they offer a Swarm evaluation kit and the Swarm tile for sale. The evaluation kit is a larger device with a built-in solar panel and tripod, to demonstrate the capabilities of the network. The tile is a small (~58mm x 27mm x 6mm) designed to be embedded into internet of things devices to provide data connectivity and built-in GPS.


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