Aug 25, 2021

Rocket Lab begins trading on Nasdaq as RKLB after SPAC merger



Founded by Beck in New Zealand in 2006, Rocket Lab is headquartered in Long Beach, California and has more than 500 employees.

Rocket Lab is the leader in the small launch marketplace, with its Electron rocket carrying 105 satellites to space since its first orbital launch three years ago. The company launches from a private complex on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula, and has built a launchpad at NASA's Wallops flight facility in Virginia for Electron launches.

Rocket Lab holds a strong position in the launch market next to SpaceX, with the companies currently the two leaders regularly launching privately-developed rockets to orbit. Rocket Lab's launch business booked revenues of $13.5 million in 2018, $48 million in 2019 and an estimated $33 million in 2020. Despite the hit last year, Rocket Lab expects launch revenue growth to rebound this year and steadily climb to $915 million by 2027.


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