Oct 7, 2021

TC Sessions: Space 2021 offers unmatched visibility for space startups – TechCrunch


Marquise Foster 1 week

If you’re building a startup to the stars, you’ll find an un-earthly amount of opportunity waiting for you at TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14-15. This virtual two-day conference focuses on all aspects of a sector — both public and private — that’s thrilling, complex and expanding at an incredible pace.

You won’t find a better or more targeted platform to showcase your space technology. Global in its reach, TC Sessions: Space 2021 is expected to increase attendance by 30% over last year’s inaugural event. We’re talking the top CEOs, founders, scientists, engineers and investors determined to expand humanity’s reach into and far beyond our orbit.

Only a very limited number of space startups will be allowed to exhibit this year, which means you’ll receive more access to investors, aerospace primes and government entities that can cut through mountains of red tape.

Don’t space out:  Buy a Space Startup Exhibitor Package ($345 – prices increase next week!) and get your space startup in front of the industry’s leading movers and shakers.



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